Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Orange flowers...

As I mentioned earlier, the boys helped me pick out most of the flowers for our yard. As a result, most of our flowers are either orange or yellow. This was my first year since we moved into this house that I've been able to work in the gardens, though, so I really didn't mind!

This is doodle #1's flower. He saw it before we even made it into the garden center, then proceded to carry it the entire way through our shopping.

Doodle #2 spotted this plant next to his brother's. He too became instantly attached and guarded his plant until it was safely tucked in the car. Neither plant has carried a bloom more than a day or two since then as the boys love to pull the petals off and use them in their play. A couple days of rain allowed these blooms to last long enough for a picture.

This is what's left of doodle #3's plant. We found it several weeks later at the farmers' market. He just can't leave it alone and tries to pull off every bloom that appears. This bloom has only survived by hiding out in the mulch!

The next four plants were adopted over weekly visits to the farmers' market. They must not catch the boys' attention much as their flowers (for the most part) remain intact.

The boys' favorite flower shows up all over our yard - for free, even! Dandelions rarely make it to the fluffy, seedy point before being plucked and carried off. I found this one hiding under a toy.

From one trip to the farmers' market, I managed to come home with a six pack of plants with various color flowers. Doodle #3 took on as his personal duty to pull each plant and carry it around the yard with him. (I'm sure the stick-like quality of the baby plants lended to their plight.) Each night, I would scan the yard and re-plant any I could find. I have to laugh that the only two plants to survive his help are the two orange ones! I have to admit, though, that I've never had this kind of plant get this big, so the constant replanting must have been somewhat beneficial!

A sure sign of fall has appeared and joined our orange-themed yard. The rose hips have started turning orangey-red. When this bush blooms in early June, it is equally as covered with delicate pale pink flowers. It and the bridal veil bushes that surround the back yard make it a wonderful haven in the spring.

This just covers the back yard as I took pictures one afternoon while on Doodle-duty. The front yard has its own share of orange and yellow - moss roses, a hanging basket of mini-petunias, and snapdragons. Getting pictures there will likely be a challenge as our first frost is already in the forecast.

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