Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do you ever...

Do you ever just get excited about crafting - I mean ridiculously so? My MIL sent me a Michaels gift certificate for Christmas, so I used it with one of their 50% off coupons to get a light box. I'm addicted enough to redwork and other embroidery (mixed in quilts) that I was ready to upgrade from my backless picture frame to a real light box - the kind you can use while sitting comfortably at a table - rather than some odd position, jockying to keep from being blinded by the mini light while also staying close enough to see the pattern. Having that light box at home, along with several a huge pile of patterns waiting to be sewn is impressively distracting. I'm working on a cool project at work right now and can't seem to keep my mind on it. The longer I own that box without using it, the more frenzied my need to use it becomes!

I'm really the only thing standing in my way. In that precious slice of time between the boys' bedtime and my own, I have a 'to-do' list a mile long - so I'm trying to mix enough of the fun to-do's with the dreary to-do's to keep whittling the list down. On the dreary side, it's tax time. I despise paperwork, so tax time is pretty much a killer. My current "fun" todo is boot bags for the twins. It's only fun because it involves fabric and the sewing machine (and no paperwork), and will greatly improve picking up the boys at the end of the school day. Juggling two pairs of boots in plastic Target bags, two pairs of snowpants, mittens, hats, backpacks, etc is not a fun way to end the day, so I'm hoping the boot bags - with spaces for snowpants and accessories - will add a little sanity. I can always use a little more sanity!

That added sanity I can then use up by browsing blogs before work, allowing myself to be bitten mauled by the crafting bug. Then instead of getting ahead on that cool work project, I can sit and scheme on how to incorporate crafting into my work day or convince the babysitter to do my taxes... hmmm...

Do you ever get bitten that badly or have I just gone that far over the edge?

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Shari said...

Isn't it great that when we need a bag for something we just make one! (or two).

Have fun with the light box (eventually) and the taxes! We get an accountant to do ours, but we get everything ready for him. Our tax year ends June 30.

Take care and don't let all that snow get your down!