Friday, December 9, 2011

SSCS package arrived!

Okay, so it really arrived on Wednesday... it was just one of those weeks! (We're 4 days behind on our advent calendar too!)

Here's a view of the fun that was waiting for me:

To see it as intended, just tilt your head to the right... (blogger is not cooperating). In the package there was not only a very cool ornament and an unknown, wrapped package (which is now waiting on top of the refrigerator because the white cat won't leave the ribbon alone), there was another package with three stockings with yet unknown contents and a movie for a certain 3 Doodles!

As I mentioned above, it's been one of those weeks, so the Doodles don't know about their surprises yet. I've been waiting for a time when everyone was home with no one napping and no play-dates over and we're not on our way out the door. That hasn't happened yet. Our advent calendar is feeling a bit neglected too. So, their package is sitting next to the advent calendar now so that once they're all up in the morning, we can do a little catching up!

We'll have to open it for sure tomorrow as Saturday night is always popcorn and movie night, and it will be especially fun with a new holiday movie! The twins are old enough to remember last Christmas, so they've really been enjoying Christmas movies this year - they're going to be so excited!

Here's a close-up of the ornament:

Isn't it great?! I love all the little bells sewn around the edges and the stitching is wonderful! Plus it's a softie, so it's safe on our tree. No one has knocked the tree over... yet. I did put it up out of the reach of little hands. The bottom half of our tree gets re-decorated at least a couple of times a day by the 2 year-old. I'd rather this one stay where I put it!

Once we get some presents wrapped and there's more than one package with ribbon, I can put the mystery gift under the tree... and remind myself daily how much more fun it will be to open on Christmas morning...

We've actually managed to get some family craft time in since Thanksgiving. I've been collecting basic craft supplies to have on hand when the craft bug strikes, so we had everything we needed to make several sets of ornaments. We've made icicles from pipecleaners and beads. We've colored wooden Christmas cutouts. We've made hand print snowmen on glass balls. We also had our craft day at church last Sunday, which resulted in coffee filter angels, beeswax candles, paper Christmas trees, votive holders, and a door knob bell thingie (no idea what it's called).

I also tried out an ornament I saw several places on-line. One source was an ornament email from Better Homes and Gardens. The patterns/tutorials all suggested finding old wool sweaters and felting them. A neighbor had given me some old wool socks; I decided to try it out with those before seeking out any sweaters. They worked wonderfully!

Here's the result sitting on the splayed socks. I think I started with 5 pairs of socks and one pair of mittens. After cutting up one of each pair, I had enough squares for two wreaths. I'm not sure I like the twine for the bow, but it was MUCH better then the ribbon I have on hand.
To my yet, unknown SSCS angel, thanks so much for such a fun package and for including surprises for the Doodles! To everyone else stopping by, I hope your hand-made gifts are all turning out well and nearing completion (unlike mine) and you're enjoying the approach of the holiday season! Now I'm off to bed so I'm ready for the 2 year-old who will show up around 6 in the morning...


Shari said...

What a thoughtful gift from your SSCS. She's obviously taken the time to look through your blog! It is such a fun time of year for the little ones... hope they (and you and your partner of course) have lots of fun and laughter! Love the ornament too.

Chookyblue...... said...

what a beautiful ornament from Santa.....always wonderful to see SSCS parcels arriving........