Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun Stitcheries

Recently, a couple books in the library caught my eye due to their catchy titles: Doodle Stitching. The author is Aimee Ray and you can check out her site here.

I liked the books so well, I've already made one of the stitcheries in them:
And I even like how it turned out! I have some plans for this tree and hope to show you the results soon!

Time to share another Doodle photo - 3 eager boys waiting to start their egg hunt on Easter.

I think the hunt lasted all of 5 minutes, with boys racing around the yard. It only took Doodle #3 finding a couple eggs to catch on to what we were doing, but once he got it, he kept up with the other two.

I don't know whether the racing was due more to the excitement of the egg hunt or the fact that all three of them ate their chocolate bunnies for 'breakfast'! In our house, the 'bunny' leaves their basket at their places at the table - usually with a couple special goodies in them. The baskets are mostly empty, signifying that there are eggs waiting to be found! I'm guessing the boys love the 'hunt', as we've had to move much of the candy into a bowl so that the plastic eggs could be put to use in multiple mini-hunts throughout the house!

Real spring has finally returned here in Minnesota. We had to put away the shorts and dig out the jackets and warm accessories we thought we had left behind. The chill in the air hasn't yet seemed to damper the spring flowers. Here's to hoping the hard freeze forecasted for one night this week ends up just being a gentle chill!

Happy Tuesday!


Anna said...

Hey! Very nice blog. I can't wait to see more of your work. :)

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Unknown said...

Wow that tree looks great! Good work

Lesley (swapbot)

Julie said...

Great blog, Laura! Those boys are just adorable. I have a four year old nephew that I care for often and I can't imagine that you ever get to sit down with 3 to keep up with! Love your stitching too, that four seasons tree turned out gorgeous!

JulieK from Swap-bot!

Anonymous said...

I love the stitched tree! I'll have to look for that book. (Homekeepingheather from swap bot for the check out my blog swap)