Friday, April 20, 2012

Sorry to everyone who has left a comment over the past couple of weeks! Blogger changed something (yet again) that changed my default settings on my blog and I wasn't getting notices for any of the comments! To the best of my knowledge, my blog was set up with no comment moderation and a simple spam filter (that was working well!) - just the way I like it. It will likely be a couple days until I get it back to that... if it's still possible. Sorry!

For a quick update on the bunnies (because I know you're as excited about them as I am - LOL!), they're doing fine and (we think) have outgrown their nest. I've spent the last couple of weeks watching the nest like I used to watch my pregnant belly - thrilled each time I saw movement and incredibly curious as to who was inside. The nest quit wiggling a couple days ago, so my partner took a peek and didn't see any bunny butts or feet. She left the nest intact in case they're still using it as a home base.
That's the nest right between the two plants.

The bunnies might have opted to find a quieter spot for a nest as the boys have been rather loud during our spurts of warm weather. We've had a good amount of rain lately, which they've definitely enjoyed:
All activity has focused around a small hole they've managed to dig where the sandbox used to be. All I can say is that I'm ready for some drier weather to arrive! I haven't been a fan of mud pies for some time, and we've had plenty to share for several weeks now!

My first round of artist trading cards (ATC's) have all been mailed out. Here's how they turned out:
I thought they turned out okay. The top ones are an 'anything goes' and the bottom had to involve some finger-painting.

I've signed up for a couple more swaps, so am working on some other ideas. The best part is that I can work on them with the boys around - rather than waiting until they're in bed like I do with the sewing machine. In fact, I've had to promise one of each type to Doodle#2 - to hang on the 'art room' wall. It's been fun trying something new. It's been so long since I did any paper crafts, my brain is pretty foggy on how to do things. Not that I've become obsessed or anything, but here are the books I checked out from the library yesterday:
along with my workspace. My latest attempts are for ATCs with a ladybug as the focus (hence the red and black paint).

I'm also excited as I sent off my 'Friends With Benefits Swap' package today to my swap-buddy, Claire. I'm keeping the details a secret until she gets to open the package, but will share what I made with you when I can. It's one of the first things I've made in a long time that I actually ended up liking - which feels pretty good!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Laura said...


Kathy said...

Hope this one gets to you Laura :)

Love your art cards, especially those feline eyes! It's nice to try different creative ideas now again - This weekend having a go at designing fabric necklaces - I've been intrigued by photos I keep stumbling across on Pinterest.

Boys and Mud - a match made in (boy) heaven:)

Anndrea said...

Those ATCs are beautiful. I was going to do the finger painting one but it's a little too messy for our condo.

Claire said...

Oh you've posted my pressie! You put me to shame...mine is ready to go I just need to get down to the post offoce. I have something special for the boys too - hope it takes away the interest from the mud pies and bunnies for a little while lol.

Anna said...

Hello, this is Anna from swap bot (mynursecoach). You sound very craft. I look forward to reading more.