Monday, August 16, 2010

Ahhh... camping!

We're both camping enthusiasts and have only been able to camp a couple of times since the twins were born - once when the twins were 18 months old and I decided pregnancy (with #3) and camping didn't mix - and a second time earlier this summer. Being able to go camping for the second time in a single summer was a wonderful thing. To top it off, we found by far our favorite camping site (so far anyway).
There was a bit of science to our choice - we wanted to head to a state park that was more than two hours away, but not so far the kids couldn't handle it. It had to have a swimming hole and a Hiking Club trail under 3 miles long. We settled on Big Stone Lake State Park near Ortonville Minnesota.
What a georgeous park! Unfortunately, my camera ended up mis-packed in our rush to get out of the house, or I could show you what I mean! We camped right on the edge of the lake in the non-electric side of the campground and were one of only three sites in use, so it was very peaceful - even with the occasional boy noises as the three doodles roamed. It was close to being mosquito free, the breeze was wonderful, the scenery was georgeous. My love for the place grew exponentially once the night sky arrived... the orange slice of moon, the unbelievable expanse of stars, the fuzzy line of the milky way, the gentle breeze off the lake, the chorus of night noises...
The next day we had a ball on the hiking club trail - or "froggie trail" as it is now known to the doodles. At one point, as we neared a small waterful, each step the boys took resulted in a spray of frogs and toads leaping in every direction - followed by shrieks as the boys tried to catch them. I have to admit to trying to catch a frog or two myself! What a blast!

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Anonymous said...

A gorgeous park! I dragged my sons out camping often when they were younger. They thought they owned White Water State Park! Enjoy "the doodles!"