Friday, August 20, 2010

Almost a finish...

Last winter when baby #3 and I were finally getting some sleep, I found that the craft bug started nibbling. When I reached the same point with the twins, I discovered that knitting was the perfect craft. I could pick it up (or drop it) at any moment and not mess anything up. As long as I 'dropped it' up out of their reach, all was good. I happily pulled out my needles and a fancy skein of yarn and started on a scarf. Through the winter and the spring, I worked my way through several scarves - finally starting to get bored with them earlier this summer.
I give most of my knitted creations to a charity group at work - they gave me the inspiration to try something new - dishcloths! So, I pulled out some cotton yarn, found a basic pattern on the internet and finished a couple dishcloths pretty quickly (for me). On a trip through Michaels, I found a free pattern sheet for a "woven" dishcoth and gave it a shot. The pattern was okay to knit and I liked the results, but not enough to make more than one.

Then I found it, the challenging "easy" pattern that almost conquered my need to knit. The Long Beach Washcloth ( I think I've re-started this cloth four times (so far). This is definitely not a pattern that I could drop quickly and then get back into easily - at least not at first. I have to say that after four times through a pattern - especially with several fix attempts thrown in - I KNOW this pattern - more than I've ever wanted to know a pattern!

I'm liking the results so far and will likely make several more - might as well since I've finally gotten good at it. It's an entertaining pattern do make, but it may be the signal to switch to a new craft!

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