Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall is definitely in the air...

and last weekend's weather ended up glorious! Saturday was a bit rainy, but Sunday made up for it. So we headed out and did a little of this

and a little of this

We're thankful that our boys match our enthusiasm for spending time outdoors. We hope they always do.

In celebration of fall and being able to re-join the craft world, I'm joining in the "Fall into Fall Quilters Blog Giveaway" - check it out via the scarecrow button on the right. What better way to lighten my stash than to share it with other quilters?! I'll be posting the details tonight and drawing for the winner on October 15.

There's another upcoming swap that has me drooling - the candle mat swap over at the Quilting Gallery. I've set the requirement that I have to have all of my totebag pieces and the pieces for this candle mat cut out by Monday to be able to sign up. I do have most of the totebag cut out, but weekends rarely allow for much crafting - so I likely don't have a shot. It's still a fun challenge to face! If I don't end up swapping, I do at least intend to make a couple of these to have on hand for gifts. This will be our first year with a list full of teachers, etc to give small gifts to. I'd love to have handmade gifts ready for each of them. Like always, we'll see how well my dreaming matches reality!

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