Friday, September 24, 2010

My first quilt

Since I'm not getting much done in the crafting realm (too much time spent at work, I say!), I thought I'd capture pictures of finished pieces. I'll start with my first quilt - but only because it hangs on my living room wall making it easy to find!

I came across this pattern in a Miniature Quilts magazine at the library. Life had just settled down after graduating from college and moving to Minnesota. I was ready to do some crafting! I bought some fabric from the remnants bin a JoAnn's and set to work. The blocks are 2" and are foundation pieced on muslin. It was my first attempt at foundation piecing and I loved it! Up to this point, my only quilting experience was a beginner's hand piecing class that I took with my mom while I was in college. I finished this little one and was hooked!

If you look closely, you'll see that the center of the center square is a cat - viewed from the side. The cat was fussy-cut from the backing fabric - a blue/white plaid with black cats interspersed. I'm enough of a cat person that my cat fabrics have their own drawer!

This leads me to my next quilt - a cat quilt my parents made for me. (It just happens to be hanging right next to my mini-quilt)

Isn't it fun? I even decorated my craft room in my last house around its colors. I'm lucky in that both of my parents quilt and have graced us with many quilts. I definitely come by my quilting addiction naturally!

A couple weekends ago, we were able to go to the coolest parade. EVER. (At least according to one 3.5 year-old boy). This parade consisted of approximately 75 fire engines. That's right - nothing but fire engines - new, old, little, big, quiet, LOUD. You can see some other pictures here.

There were several fire engines that the boys could sit on and ride in - all three enjoyed this part!

Have you heard about the Accuquilt GO! cutter? It looks like a neat tool. I could especially see myself using it for a hex quilt - much nicer than trying to cut them out by hand or rotary - a step which has stopped me up to this point. I've entered where ever I've come across give-aways. Right now, Millie's Quilting is having such a give-away. I can't imagine winning one, but it would be a nice surprise!


Kate said...

Your first quilt was amazing.

Michele T said...

Oh my gosh! Your first quilt is awesome... I'd be a little embarrassed to show the world mine. I have to tell ya that I had a howler when I scanned the top of your blog with the pictures of your children and then fell to your Sheltie!! Priceless! We have one too and today he has been told " you are going for a shampoo, hairdo, and new you!"

Shari said...

That's pretty amazing as a first quilt - and wonderful too! Very interesting that both your parents quilt. My husband would probably be a good quilter with perfect seams. He's a very precise individual...

Love the cat quilt. Makes you want to cuddle it and smile.

Your boys are just too cute! You certainly have your hands full and I'm impressed that you get any sewing done at all with these little cherubs...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hugs - Shari