Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Old" BOM

The other night, in my search for some basic black fabric, I came across an old BOM (2004) by Beth Ferrier. Before I could steal any of the black fabric, I had to make sure all the parts and pieces required for the BOM had been cut. It was too fun to set the pieces out.

This quilt was my main project back in 2005 when life tipped on its ear and my quilting life came to a halt and was packed away. Once I get the hearts quilt done, I'm planning on starting work on this BOM again. I have what seems like hundreds of flowers and dragonflies to applique onto it, so it won't be a quick finish - more likely a side project that I work on a little each week. Beth managed to take enough of the "yuck!" out of applique that I actually look forward to working on it!

Beth presented this quilt as a BOM on her internet site and then turned it into a book. If you really like this quilt, it's possible to make your own. I found the book on Beth's site here.


Chookyblue...... said...

sometimes projects just get shoved away and it seems like you will never see it or finish it again but it is great once you get back into it so slowly stitch away and get it finished..........

Anonymous said...

Finding old projects can be like a gift. And sometimes you ahve a whole new perspective one them. Love the black background with all that color. - Mary