Friday, September 3, 2010

So little time...

I have been drooling over various swaps, BOMs, and the like since I re-joined the crafting world last winter... and wishing I was independently wealthy so I could stay home, play with the boys, and sew!

With my success of re-introducing craft time to my schedule, I've taken the leap and signed up for a couple swaps! I'm so excited!
The first swap I signed up for is Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap. (The link is in the left sidebar.) I already have a couple of ideas picked out - just waiting to find out who my swap buddy is so I can read her blog and decide which gift I think would best suit her interests.

The next swap I signed up for is the 3-2-1 Winter Tote Bag Swap. Even though I rarely carry a purse, I'm a real bag lady! I love making purses and totes and the like and used to routinely make them for all the women in my family for Christmas. Though I'm a Christmas die-hard (love everything Christmas related) I opted for the winter theme in this exchange so that I could use the bag through-out the winter. Once again, I have a bunch of ideas lined up and am waiting to find out my swapping buddy so I can make something she'll be excited to receive!

Just today I came across another swap that I would LOVE to participate in - the brown bag quilt contest. Unfortunately, I have to be realistic about my available crafting time and admit I've already reached my commitment limit. *sigh* Back to that desire to be independently wealthy - or even dependently weathly, for that matter!

For a doodle update, we made our yearly trek to the state fair this week. The boys had an absolute ball! Even Ben was old enough this year to be excited by the rides, food, and sights. At one point, we did lose the twins - and were accompanied by a couple tigers - complete with growling!

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Chookyblue...... said...

welcome to the SSCS..........have fun......starting to send out partners this weekend