Friday, November 19, 2010

Cross Stitch Display #2

Thanks to my highly developed technical skills, (also known as a dad with a digital camera and email-ability) I pictures of two more stitcheries to share.

The first is a small sampler that I made for my mom a couple years ago. (Well, okay, it was more than that, but the last four years don't count!) I believe it was a Debbie Mumm design. It was quick and fun to sew.

The second sampler is my shining achievement in cross stitch. This Noah sampler came from a cross stitch magazine around 1984-85. I started it the day my oldest niece was born in Oct 1985. I remember this because I spent the entire day in the hospital waiting and stitching. I remember being amazed at how much time I spent on it and how little I was able to get done. I worked on it on and off through the remainder of high school and college and then finally buckled down to finish it as a Christmas gift for my mom in 1993. It was quite a challenge. Some of the animals had only a stitch or two of several different colors, making tacking the thread down a real challenge. It's finish resulted in a major happy dance. The gal who cut the mats and framed it for me did a wonderful job!

Do you take pictures of everything you make? I tried to start doing that years ago with my first digital camera. I tend to only make things for other people, and figured a project book would be something fun to keep up with. As you can tell by my need to enlist Dad's help, I didn't get too far with that... LOL!

Check out Chookyblue's blog on Saturday for more links of people sharing their stitcheries!


Chookyblue...... said...

oh I think it is wonderful to show what we have made and to keep it will be recorded in my blog the sampler.........but samplers or cross stitch - we would love to see girl is showing her tapestry and another some embroidery.......

loulee said...

Thank you for sharing. I take a photo of everything I finish. Before I get it framed, it's easier that way, no reflections on the glass etc. Most of my projects have been given away, so my album is the only memory I have of some of the pieces.

gracie said...

very nice...thanks for sharing

Rose Marie said...

Beautiful pieces!

I take photos of most everything I make and good thing because it is so easy to forget (especially if they are gifted).