Monday, November 15, 2010

Searching for a block name/pattern, finished tote, leaf crafts...

I've finally figured out what I want to make for teacher gifts and now am on the hunt for a block pattern. The pattern I'm looking for is similar to a block I made eons ago (for an exchange) that was titled 'Primitive Santa'. I even remember seeing one recently, but now can't find it... Can anyone help? It looks a bit like a stick figure - or a kid's drawing of a person. I think it's paper pieced and maybe even set on point. ?

Finally! I can share a picture of something I've been working on! Here's my totebag plus goodies:
...still under wraps (lol!), but only for a little longer. It was quite a feeling to mail that package off! I just need to add binding to my SSCS gift and it will be ready to mail too!

Doodle #2 was rather taken by the fall colors this year and we managed to get in several weeks of leaf crafts in before the snow turned the leaves to goo. Here he is showing off a wreath we made for the front door. We added in parts of a flower from the back yard and created quite a colorful wreath! I need to improve my bribery tactics, though - next time hold the graham cracker as ransom for a smile for the camera!
Here's an overview shot of three other creations. They look great on the dining room wall (amidst our abundance of other creations!).

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