Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oodles of ornaments

Earlier this week, I was surfing over my lunch break, checking out ornament ideas people were sharing. I came across a cool paper heart made from pages cut out of a book. Of course, I didn't bookmark the page thinking it wasn't something the boys could make and something I didn't have any cool paper for. About an hour later, it occurred to me that I had just put one of the boy's books in the recycle bin the weekend before... a book with several salvage-able pages...


So, after tucking the boys in bed, I went digging through the recycling bag then collected the needed tools - paper trimmer and stapler. By my bedtime, I'd had a ball and created this:

Here's a close-up:

They're pretty putzy in terms of cutting, but go together quickly once the parts are all cut. I still need to punch holes in the stems and add ribbon. I may even try adding a little glitter to see if it adds some sparkle. They're a fun, unexpected addition to our growing hill of ornaments.

Here's what we've made so far - the paper sack ornaments I shared several posts ago along with some cinnamon ornaments we finished up last weekend.

Since I haven't managed to get the sewing machine out since I finished my Secret Santa gift, I've shifted my focus for teacher gifts onto our growing ornaments stash, so it's great to have another ornament to add to our stash! The plan for this weekend is salt dough ornaments. We'll see how far we get!

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Kate said...

I LOVE the paper hearts!