Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun mail and a finish!

I received some very fun mail this week! I won a mini-quilt from Shari's blog, Mumsyblossom's World It arrived in my mailbox this week along with a wonderful surprise!

What a great little quilt and a fun charm pack! The quilt will likely end up a wallhanging, I just have to figure out where I'd like it the most! As for the charm pack, I'm already thinking it will be perfect to pair up with the cat stitcheries I'm making from Red Brolly's site. I'm currently banned from buying fabric - until I can make a dent in my stash, so new fabric is exciting - especially when it's so me! Thanks for a great surprise, Shari!

I've managed to keep up with the Snow Hearts BOM for another month! (Whee!) I'm not real fond of the floss I picked for this month - it's a bit too light for the background fabric I'm using. I love the pattern, though. If it looks too washed out when I get to my final design/layout, I can re-make it at that point.

For now, though, I'll call it 'good' and keep going! Here are the three blocks completed so far:

I'm really enjoying making them.

Our basketball weekend, while slightly disappointing, was great fun! We huddled around the computer screen to watch RJ and the ISU Sycamores battle Syracuse Friday night, and then scanned the internet Saturday, looking for score updates on Lane's semi-state game in Indiana. Though ISU lost to Syracuse, it was wonderful to be able to watch the action live! Lane's team also lost their battle, though I hear it was fierce. They lost by 2 in overtime. They put up a 3 point attempt in the last seconds, but it missed and they couldn't get another shot in before the buzzer. The best part is that both nephews are on teams that will likely be even stronger next year - and the next! Definitely something to look forward to!

With all the tragedies and disasters happening around the world, I've watched helplessly as calls for quilts, sewing kits, and other handmade goods have gone out. For me, getting these items made by their due dates just isn't a possibiliity. Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt is hosting a project where I CAN help! She's asking for volunteers to make and send her a single block that she will turn into a quilt for Japan. The blocks just need to make it to her by April 4. Hey, I can do that!! Is that something you can do too?

Thanks for reading!


Shari said...

Hi Laura! I'm so glad you like your quilt and the charm pack. I hope you have fun with it!

Your Snow Hearts are very nice - love the frosty colours! It's so hot here at the moment that anything winter is very appealing!

Claudia said...

hi Penny,
your Snowhearts are beautyful!
LG Claudia