Monday, March 28, 2011

Block for Japan and Superheroes!!!

I mentioned last week that I had signed up to make blocks for Japan over on Beth's site, Love Laugh Quilt. I was able to make them this weekend. The twins had a birthday party to attend Saturday afternoon, and it was my turn to be home for naptime with Doodle #3. Can you imagine... three whole hours, at home, all to myself... it was amazing! Here are my blocks:

And, since Doodle #3 is used to napping through his brothers' noise, the sewing machine didn't bother him a bit! I managed to not only sew the blocks, but finished several loads of laundry, some mending, some organizing, and even spent a little bit of time doing handwork in front of the tv! I'm thinking that more of the Doodles' pre-school friends should have Saturday afternoon birthday parties - especially when it's my day with Doodle #3!

Saturday morning the twin Doodles finished another Institute of Arts class. This time Superheroes were their focus. Saturday was their last class - when families are invited in to see what the kids made. Doodle #3 and I did the grocery shopping since he's (I'm) not yet ready for any more time spent at the Institute (we've run every hall this winter and made the guards there very nervous!) My partner told me I really missed out as the kids were all posed in various superhero poses, wearing their hand-made hero costumes when the families were welcomed in. (And neither of us thought about having her take the camera... *sigh*) The boys LOVED this class and posed for me later when they arrived home from the birthday party - complete with masks, belts, and capes:

The birthday party had a Spiderman theme, so their new Spiderman rings only made their costumes better... and more powerful (so I'm told!). Our neighborhood should be safe from villains from now on!

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