Friday, March 11, 2011

Red Brolly Cats and chocolate...

One of the BOMs I collected in 2010 was Red Brolly's Cats. During my first tracing evening - celebrating having a real light table, I traced several of the blocks from that series. This last weekend I was able to finish the stitching on the first:

Once again, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the finished blocks. It's so nice to have something crafty to do, I'll just worry about that part later!

Despite their absence from my blog title, I am an avid fan of cats. As such, I love this BOM series. It's still available on her blog, if you're interested! Also, if you're familiar with her designs and would like to give your input on what kind of BOM she should put together next, head to her blog post from March 4.

Last weekend I also caught up on an activity planned last year - we covered strawberries and pretzels with chocolate. We had originally planned on making chocolate covered pretzels and caramels as Christmas gifts, like we did the Christmas of 2009. The timing just didn't work out last Christmas - it's just not a good activity for boys with runny noses!

Even the youngest got in the action this year. They had a ball making them, and even more fun eating them.

This afternoon they'll be venturing into the kitchen again, this time with my partner. They'll be working on making a cake from scratch for my birthday! They've already called and sung to me - which was too much fun - I wish I could have recorded it! The twins are old enough this year to really get what a celebration a birthday can be. It's so fun to watch them grow!

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