Thursday, May 12, 2011


Life has been a little crazy lately, so I wasn't too surprised that I was a week late finishing April's Snow Heart block:
I was actually glad it was only a week late - life has just been that crazy!

Then, I decided to take May's block along with me to an all-day training session last Saturday in case we had a few down minutes, and was delighted to find that the instructor thought sewing was cool - and here's the result:
May's block

Whee! In three short days, I went from being behind to being ahead! For that, I'll celebrate having to spend a beautiful Saturday sitting in a classroom. Right now my only sewing time is the break between the end of my work day and picking up the boys from preschool - I sit in my car in the preschool's parking lot and sew away! Preschool is ending in a few short weeks, though, so I'm going to need to get creative to keep from having to play major catch-up in the fall!

Here are all of the Snow Heart blocks so far:
It took me a while to decide, but I finally went with the full array of variegated embroidery floss options. While I like quilts in certain hues - like sticking with wintery colors for this quilt, I'm much more of a scrap-quilt lover. More floss colors means more fabric choices...

During my blogging break, we visited my folks and I remembered to get a picture of the completed table runner I mentioned recently - complete with piping and binding:
I love the addition of piping to this runner, but I think I'd like the binding to be wider - so it doesn't disappear next to the piping. Hopefully, when I get to that point in a project again, I'll think to look back here! We shall see...

For a little Doodle update, the boys loved the shirts I made in my last post. For once, I managed to pick something each of them ended up actually liking! That doesn't happen often!
Here they are sporting their shirts while conquering a playground near my parents'.

Until next time...

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Barb said...

Your stitchery is just the kiddos....sooo cute!