Friday, April 22, 2011

Catching up...

Sometimes getting non-work computer time is just as tough as getting sewing time! Time to play catch-up!

Last weekend I won a giveaway - on Mary's blog, The Curious Quilter. She's sending me a set of 80 - 5 inch fabric charms! How cool is that?! My parents bought me the Nickel quilt books several years back, so the charms will get me well on the way to my first (and maybe even second) choice quilt from those books - just add sewing time! Whee!

Last weekend also held a bit of excitement as a local boy scout troop held a parents' night out on Saturday. Real, no-kid, adult time!... we don't get that often. We had several options planned: dinner, shopping, bookstore,... Then, Saturday afternoon, Beth got a glint in her eye and decided to stop by the rental store to find out if a heat gun would really get up the old linoleum. (Can you see where this is going?) So, our real, no-kid, adult time was spent pulling up old linoleum and measuring/cutting/fitting new linoleum. I was in charge of the measuring/cutting/fitting and my quilting skills came in very handy! We didn't get the floor fully done until Sunday night, but we did learn that the boys are all finally old enough for us to be able to do projects like this when they're home. Here's a during shot - showing how nasty the old flooring was. It wasn't in very good shape 5 years ago when we moved in, so having the 5 of us pounding on it made it virtually impossible to get clean.

Here's an after shot - a definite improvement:

I also completed a project this week that I've been wanting to make for the boys for some time. I saw the idea for using freezer paper stencils and painting on kids' shirts some time before Valentines day. It took a while to figure out what image to use for each boy, well, one of the boys, anyway. Doodle #1 is a fire engine man, through and through. Doodle #3 is all about trains or "choo choos", as he prefers to call them. But what to do about Doodle #2? It finally hit me - Doodle #2 has been interested in skeletons since right before last Halloween. A recent priate project at school now has him loving the skull and crossbones symbol. Hot dog! image ideas for all three. I found the skull image on Emily's blog (The Boy Trifecta) and modified it to match the symbol #2 likes. I found the perfect fire engine at Couturier Mommy. The train image I found through a Google image search. I love how they turned out:
Here's a close-up of each shirt:
Doodle #1

Doodle #2

Doodle #3

I'm interested to see how the paint softens after washing. I used Tulip's super soft fabric paint. So far it's stiffer and shinier than I expected. Another 24 hours and I can find out!

For our last project of the week, we got our Easter eggs ready last night. The boys did better with the eggs/dye than I expected. Out of a dozen, we only ended up with two cracked eggs and no dyed clothing or furniture! The twins are very excited as they can remember Easter from last year.

Happy Easter!

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