Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Finish and 'Cool' Doodles

Another day-long seminar helped me get June's Snow Heart block completed:

I'm not fond at all of this block's floss. It looked good on the skein, but not so hot in the stitching. This is my first project with variegated floss, and it's been a learning experience. For the most part, I've been pleased with the results, but now have two blocks I'd like to re-stitch due to color - or, moreso, the lack there of! Here are the six blocks I've completed so far:

I read an interesting article a couple weeks ago on the odd weather we're having. Even before its end, this summer is the fourth hottest summer on record. The other interesting stats listed had the Mississippi river carrying four times its normal volume with our little creek carrying SEVEN times its normal volume. It's fun to find stats like that to know it's not all in my head. Our creek went bone dry two summers ago, so it's been odd to have had it flooded all summer. We just had another inch and a half rain dump last night, so it's back up over its banks.

As a result, boys have waded, swam, and puddle-stomped to the point that they're no longer enthused. Even with a week off last week due to a summer cold, we can't talk them into heading to a pool... which is a bummer since that's such a good way to wear them out. Keeping them active and using up their batteries daily has turned out to be the key to a happy household. Their energy levels are so high in the summer that wearing them out is quite a challenge, especially to an over-weight 40-something who spends her days sitting at a desk. As tough as it is, it's tougher to know that in no time at all, all three Doodles will be leaving Cita and I at home, preferring the company of peers. That thought keeps it all in perspective!

Here's this week's Doodle shot. It was an odd moment where they all did the same thing at once, in the same room, at a time when I had my camera handy - akin to having the planets all align.

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Shari said...

I've had that experience with varigated thread - the lightest shade needs to be quite a bit darker than the background. No one ever tells you that! Live and learn. Love the snowflakes though... won't be long before y'all are back in snow!

Your boys are adorable. Hope you get to wear them out today!