Friday, August 5, 2011


Since before they were born, the twins have been steadily supplied with possible 'lovies' - blankets, quilts, stuffed animals... Except for a pacifier one twin was fond of for part of his first year, neither boy has ever really attached to any one thing. Though I knew I should be glad that I didn't have to worry about keeping track of a lovie, it still made me a bit sad...

Then came Doodle #3. As soon as he figured out he had a thumb, it went in his mouth. Soon after, when he got his fingers figured out, he started rubbing fabric between his finger and thumb with his left hand while he sucked on his right thumb. The fabric could be his bedsheet, his shirt collar, or, preferably, the shirt of someone holding him. (A sign of a future quilter/fabric fondler, I'm sure!)

Then last spring, we happened upon a pair of shoes in the shoe store that he decided were his ("Ma chooz!"). Thankfully, they had a pair in his size and we actually were looking for shoes for him. He'd have us help him put the shoes on first thing after getting out of bed, and we'd have to pry them off of him at bedtime. He's lightened up a bit since then, allowing us to put water shoes or rain boots on him. I've never figured out why they so appeal to him - no special characters, lights, or anything. He still often shows up for bed with them on.
Not long after the initial shoe incident, we had to buy a new umbrella stroller. Our garage-sale-find stroller died on us right before vacation, so we stopped to get a new one on our way out of town. Once again, something grabbed him, and he became obsessed with the stroller. Under NO circumstances were his brothers allowed to sit in the stroller. "Ma strurr!". If he saw it when we dared store it on the porch, into the house it would come and it would be his favorite toy for the day (and a rather destructive toy at that!). If we tried to put it in the back of the van when he was present, he would have a fit until it was put under his feet by his carseat.

I know I only have myself to blame. When I wanted at least one of the boys to have a lovie, I was really thinking along the lines of some soft, cuddly thing that I would struggle to get through the washer once in a while. I know it's really just my youngest carving out his independence - marking his territory, which is great to see. I'm just hoping there will be another enticing pair of shoes when we go shoe shopping soon. Otherwise I'll be seeking out ideas for turning a pair of sneakers into a keepsake lovie!!!

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