Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Doodles and a Dog origin...

Dawn has started a blogland discussion of blog names and the stories behind them. What a fun thing to think about on a Tuesday afternoon. The story behind mine seems pretty simple after checking out the header. At least, it gives a good clue as to what a 'Doodle' is in our world.

I'm not sure when or why we started calling the boys 'Doodles' I know it started when the twins were tiny babies. The first four months or so are just a fog. I vaguely remember something about them being so little that we couldn't call them 'Dude' - so we 'babied' the word and made it Doodle. From there it transformed into 'Doodle-bug' which morphed into a song we still sing to them. It doesn't really make all that much sense since neither of us are at all likely to even use the word 'Dude'. I can only blame lack of sleep!

Another baby plus a couple more years later, I wanted to start a blog so I could participate in some blogland contests and swaps and I could think of nothing else for the title. Three Doodles and a Dog pretty much sums up my life - though it does leave out three important females - my partner and my two kitties. None of them seem to mind, though. They're also pretty self-sufficient in comparison to the four title characters. Someday, crafting will be more than just a free moment filler, but until then, I'll be filling most of my "crafting time" with playgrounds, chases, tickles, and the never-ending tossing of the ball (for the dog, that is)!

If you've made it this far and would like to see some more stories, check out the linky-list on Dawn's site.


Maria said...

Oh you did bring a lot of laughter with the post about How you Named your blog. Just Love it.

Melody said...

Fabulous blog name and I just love the photos at the top. Priceless.

Dawn said...

priceless...justlove the pics too
Hugs Dawn x x

Janet said...

Your blog header picture is hilarious. Three doodles and a dog indeed!

Unknown said...

I have been reading through MANY of your posts.... it has been really fun to learn so much about your family. You have such adorable cute little boys... I have 3 little girls.... they are so different! You are super talented. I wish I knew how to quilt.. but that gene did not get passed down from my quilting grannies. Great to read about you. I will be back!
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