Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doodles through the year...

We've been away for a couple weeks on vacation. Now I'm playing catch-up and trying to sew like a mad woman on my 2011 Secret Santa Christmas swap gifts. I'm a fan of the gal I'm sending to - started following her blog not long after I discovered blogland. After going through her blog from beginning to end, I've found that as a professional quilter, she seems to have one of everything! What can I as a part-part-time quilter make that would be of any interest? I was hoping that going through her whole blog, starting at the beginning would provide some ideas... instead it's left me a bit intimidated! It took a couple weeks, but I think I've come up with something she might like... we shall see! Now to get it all stitched before the end of November!

One thing I realized while writing my last post is that there isn't any stored history of the Doodles header pictures. I thought it would be fun to pull them all into a post - capturing the changes the Doodles have gone through in the last year - along with the embarrassment our sweet dog has endured!

The sprinklered boys:

Bath towel monsters (the duck has quite a ferocious quack!)

Making sweet boys sweeter

And our Groucho boys

There were many more in the making, but like many things right now, enough time passed before I could get them put together that I had pictures ready for a newer version before I had the older version posted.

And speaking of time past, I started a blog post back in early September with a link I'd still like to share. Here's as far as I got on that post:
A gal in one of my quilting groups forwarded a cool link for homemade slippers. These fall under the 'I love them but will likely not have time to make them until the boys are grown' category - which almost everything seems to fall into these days. I'm still going to print out the details with the hope that I could actually make them for Christmas. Here's the link. Aren't these slippers cool?! All three boys like to wear slippers, so I'm sure they'd be a hit made with themed fabric. The challenge will be to get the patterns drawn and slippers sewn before they move up a size in shoes. Be sure to browse around Vivian's site - she has patterns and links to all kinds of cool things to make for kids (and some pretty cute kids)! One of my favorites that I wish I'd have had when the Doodles were little is the tutorial for a 'Straight-Jacket Swaddler'. One of the twins was a master at getting out of any swaddling we tried - I would loved to have had this to try on him. When they were tiny, the twins always slept better when swaddled - and with two babies with their own schedules, sleep was very important! I think I'll tuck this tutorial away for the next time I need a baby gift...

Happy Halloween! May many goulies, princesses, and superheroes arrive at your door!

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