Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Christmas Finish

I'm very excited to say that I have my first March finish - for 'Christmas Through the Year'. I started these ornaments with the hope of finishing them in February. It was an agressive goal, but also very effective for keeping me moving!

February's finish is in the middle, I think. They all blend together at the moment! Fun ornaments to make! Here's the link to the pattern on Wild Olive if you'd like to make one! It's a great feeling to already have a 'stash' of small gifts ready for the next Christmas season!

I also decided on my next UFO to conquer!

This quilt is from my mom. She started it not long after she started quilting. Neither of us can remember exactly when it switched hands, or even why - it's been that long! I discovered this quilt along with its backing in the bottom of my UFO tub and was wonderfully surprised to find a perfectly-sized piece of batting hiding in my stash. It's not like my batting stash is large - it consists of a twin-size cotton batting and a bag of what I thought were odds and ends. The batting elves must have visited to knit those pieces into a full crib-sized batting! I took it as a sign and spent an evening pinning the quilt.

For a Doodle update, 'little Leg.os' have invaded our house. The twins celebrated their 5th birthday in January and with that, were welcomed into the world of 'little Leg.os'. Suddenly, we've gone from having two preschoolers often requiring to be entertained, to having two young boys - who can spend hours digging through and building with these wonderous bits of plastic. Here's Doodle #2 showing off some of his creations.

They're both highly impressed with themselves when they can take one of the instruction booklets and build the item inside. I have to admit to being highly impressed myself!

We spent some time this weekend at one of our favorite haunts - the local train store. We discovered it a little over three years ago, thanks to a tip from a friend. The store carries both kid toy trains and model enthusiast supplies. The front of the store has several models running throughout the day. The back of the store has six or more train tables set up with wooden trains/tracks/etc available for play. The twins (especially Doodle #1) were such enthusiasts, we held their fourth birthday party there. As they're getting older, their attention is switching from the tables in back to the models in front.

Doodle #1 is especially fond of the model track with the tunnels.

This was our first trip where Doodle #3 spent more time with the models than he did with the toys. I'm guessing we'll be aging out of this haunt over the next couple years - or, at least until they're a bit older - old enough to start collecting the model trains. Time will tell.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderfully crafty week!


Joy said...

Love your ornaments, they're so cute. How fabulous that your boys get to play with the model trains. We don't seem to see them around as much now - I guess technology is overtaking them.
Joy :o)

sisbabestitches said...

Wow, I was impressed when you had made one ornament, and to be done so early in the month. The quilt is lovely, gotta love the batting elves, they can come and stay anytime.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Pretty ornaments and such a cute quilt!

raima said...

Ornament looks so sweet, nice work
keep it up!
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