Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A finish, some coins, some art, and temptation!

First, I wanted to share a bookmark I made one night last week. It caught my eye on Sew Many Ways. She made it look so quick and easy, I just had to pull out some scrap fabrics and try making one myself!

I still need to press it, but think it turned out cute! Bookmarks don't last in books around here unless they're kept above the 4-foot level, thanks to one 3 year-old Doodle. I was thinking, though, that the heart bookmark would make a great addition to my growing box of gifts. They're also so easy to make that they're fun!

We try out quite a few of the kid activity ideas from the blogs on my side bars - so I thought I'd try to share some of them. Last week we tried out money sorting thanks to The Activity Mom. We work with the doodles some with money - they have an allowance and help us sort their allowance into savings, tithe, and spendable money. One thing we haven't done, though, is to talk much about the value of the coins they're sorting. This seemed like the perfect activity!

Each doodle was given two sheets - one with pictures of four coins set in boxes - they could sort their coins into the four boxes (quarter, dime, nickel, and penny). The second sheet focused on the value of each coin based on a dollar. Here's Doodle #2 sorting through his coins, working on building dollars:

Here's Doodle #1 pouting because I had just told him he couldn't keep the coins (they're from his brother's bank):

The last coin-related picture shows the interest level of the 3 year-old. Their banks are kept up out of reach, so he just wanted to drive his bank around.

I also wanted to share a creation from my artist-doodle. Most of his art is really abstract. Whether that's truly an interest or just part of his age - I have no idea, but I loved this piece:

I love the colors and shapes. I also love it because it shows how much he is growing up and changing. He used to get really upset when he tried to do something and it didn't work (reaching tantrum-point at times). Here he took an 'oops' and turned it into its own project. How fun is that?!

Now for the temptation piece... I signed up for a swap. I know we're only a week or so away from the spring time change, but I just couldn't resist this swap! Head over to Sew-Happy House to check out the details. If you're tempted too, come join me! Sign-ups close on Thursday, swap partners will be notified on Saturday, and gifts aren't due in the mail until Friday, April 27. Doesn't it sound like fun?! I'm excited to find out who I'll be sending to - so I can start blog digging, looking for the 'perfect' idea! Do come join me!

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Unknown said...

Those are fun bookmarks!!! I made some handmade bookmarks too and posted about them on my blog.