Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March's Finish and a basketball tale...

Here is my finish for March.

I pieced this wallhanging at least nine years ago - I made it to match my sewing room. I no longer have the sewing room, so have no idea what I'm going to do with it! But at least it's finished! I picked it up as a 'quick' project a year ago when I was scrambling to find something I could finish for 'Sew Its Finished' that didn't require machine time. Yeah, I underestimated the effort by ALOT! Anyway, I managed to finish sewing on the binding this weekend during our last-minute road trip.

Yes, the temptation was too great and we decided to throw caution (and the credit card) to the wind and drive down to see Lane play in the Indiana state finals. (He's #1 in the white jersey)

We were not disappointed! Well, okay... we were a little disappointed as the Rox lost by 3 points (they were tied with 4 seconds left, if that tells you how exciting the game's ending was!) We managed to make it to Indiana in record time - record time with Doodles, that is. Despite puking boys, multiple potty stops, and losing our guide, we still managed to make it from my parents' house to Rockville the morning of the game with time to join the parade that went from Rockville to downtown Indianapolis. This was the boys' favorite part. Not only had my nieces painted on our windows, but we were able to honk our horn whenever they asked, for a full hour. (Luckily that lost its appeal before the full hour was up!) We were in a parade of painted cars that stretched as far as we could see in front of us and also behind us. The parade was led by a multitude of firetrucks and police all with sirens blaring. It was a little boy's dream - as well as some older boys' dream too, I'm sure!

As far as the game itself, or, at least, what I was able to see of it between Doodle demands, was a tough game. For the first three quarters, the Rox couldn't sink shots. They're normally a team that makes three pointers look easy; but, for that game, every shot seemed to hit the rim and bounce away. Finally, during the fourth quarter, the team seemed to catch fire. Had the quarter been a minute longer, it would likely have had a different ending. (Not that I'm biased!)

If you're a basketball fan and would like to see more pictures from the tournament, a local photographer covered the event, parade and all. Her web picture album is available through Facebook here. The photographer's name is Dawn Mitchell. She has taken some incredibly wonderful shots of my family members - including my parents. If you like high school basketball, it's a fun set of shots. You can find shots of my older nephew in the albums for ISU basketball - he's #31.

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Kathy said...

Wow - what an incredible weekend! The Doodles must have been beside themselves with excitement :)

Love you cat wall hanging, i'm sure you'll find just the right place for it.