Monday, March 19, 2012


My brother and nephew are celebrating March madness again this year by heading to the state-level high school basketball tournament! Woot woot! Lane also scored his 1,000th career point, which I think is incredibly exciting, but he has down-played in all of the tournament excitement! Congrats Dave and Lane! Go Rox!!!

Onto quilty-er news, I've finally managed to spread the quilting bug, at least a little, to one of the Doodles. I had finished hand-quilting a project and was trimming the excess batting and material, when Doodle #2 appeared and wanted some of the cut-off bits to try sewing.

He made a pillow for his Ash doll. He did a great job with very little help! He and Ash disappeared with the pillow before I could get a brag picture taken. I might just have a textile man yet!

While most of the projects I've worked on lately have turned out to be quick wins (projects where time spent makes a big impact), I tried a project last week that reminds me a lot of cross stitch.

These two blocks took me four evenings to complete! One - picking & ironing fabric, 2 - cutting, and 3/4 sewing/pressing/trimming. I can remember working on complicated cross stitch projects where four hours of work would result in the completion of only one-inch square of the pattern. While I love log cabin blocks, I'm happy this project required so few! Hopefully, I'll have these transformed into their final form to share in April.

Has anyone seen any unexpected winter weather? We're missing ours! Instead of the dump of snow we usually get right about basketball/wrestling/hockey tournament time, we've had a sudden arrival of summer! Two weeks ago, we needed mittens and hats, and last week, we had to scurry around to dig out summer clothes for the boys. So, if you're missing warm temperatures and thunderstorms, you'll find them hanging out here in Minnesota. Please come take it back as it's really messing with our gardens!

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