Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Quick Catch-up

Summertime has arrived a bit early here in Minnesota. As a result, I'm behind on pretty much everything but playground time and even wading pool time. The weather has also been trying to make up for the snow we didn't get by continually hitting us with enough rain to keep flash flood warnings and watches in place. (And to keep the backyard a total mud pit - to the boys' delight!).

It's the end of the month, though, so I need to visit blogland long enough to report in on monthy challenges and share an exciting package I received.

For this month's finish, I came across a couple gift bag embellishments that I started in the fall of 2010. I was in the midst of weeding through a stack of old quilting and crafting magazines when I came across the pattern and had hoped to use it make wrapping bags for my first SSCS swap. I ended up having to admit I wouldn't be able to get any finished and put them in a tub. I came across them last December when inventorying my UFO's to plan out my projects to finish for my Sew It's Finished challenge and knew they'd come in handy for possible finishes during the summer months. I just didn't expect summer to arrive so soon! I changed my mind about the resulting form and turned the start of the gift bag into a door knob hanger.
I think it turned out cute and will be adding it to my Christmas stash box - the box I'm hoping to have full of all kinds of little gifts by the time Christmas 2012 arrives.

This month I also received my Friends with Benefits swap box from Claire at Claire Bear Quilts. Wow - was I ever surprised! First there was a great apron: 

which has already been put to use! I love aprons for keeping my clothes clean when I'm cooking - and had even looked at some at the farmer's market the morning that the box arrived. The one Claire made is wonderful!

She also thoroughly spoiled me with a bunch of goodies (along with chocolate for the boys):
Wow, right?! The bookmark is in my latest read, the keychain is holding my extra keys (so I don't tear it up with daily use), the journal (and cover) is waiting for life to slow down a bit, and the thread catcher is currently sitting with my sewing machine catching dust (sigh). I had been wanting to make a thread catcher - but you know how that goes - things for myself almost always rank last, so don't get done.

The next chance I have to post, I'll share what I made for Claire and catch up some more on boys and bunnies! Happy Tuesday!

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