Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Catch-up

Well, I'd say that I took a blogging break, but that would imply it was intentional... It's just been one of those summers - a time, energy, and $ sink-hole where you finally just have to laugh when something falls apart. I did manage to keep up with my Sew It's Finished challenge. Here's my finish for June:
(yes, it looks a lot like my May finish). Here's my finish for July:
My May/June/July finishes are all Christmas ideas taken from old craft magazines. I started them all back in the fall of 2010 with big ideas for Christmas, and then gave in to reality and stuck them in a box. Now they're all ready for Christmas 2012, which is too fun! I actually wish I had started more!

My 'hope-I-get-it-finished' finish for August is still sitting on the shelf looking at me. I had to have my gall bladder taken out last Friday, so am wondering if I'll actually get it put together in time. I can't pick up more than 15 pounds for another 3 weeks - my sewing machine is definitely more than 15 pounds and lives in the bottom of my closet. I'll have to enlist my partner in crime for hauling it out for me. That or I'll have to go dig through my stash and try to find any other hand projects.

The boys all had a new experience this summer - they were all part of their first t-ball team.
Our players are the middle and left-of-middle in the back row (the twins - yes, they're that different in height) and the far right in the front (looking at his shoes). Every practice was good for laughs as the boys tried to figure out what was going on. By the end of the season, they all had an idea of what they were supposed to be doing, though the butterflies, puddles, and dust trails still often won their attention.

We also had another bunny saga. Back in June?, we came home from our Saturday errands to find two bunnies building a nest in the garden between ours and our neighbor's houses. Here's the momma bunny putting on the final touches:
For us, it was the perfect place for the nest as we could see it from our kitchen window. For the baby bunnies, however, it ended up being a very bad spot as all the other creatures seemed to know the nest was there too. A couple times, we used sticks and outdoor toys to rebuild the nest and put babies back in after an unwanted visitor stopped by - with the hope that at least one of the babies would make it. Unfortunately, our help wasn't enough. On the good news front, one of the babies from our nest is still living in our yard. We see it from time to time darting for cover as we head out the door.

That's round one of updates - I'll share some more when I get more pictures off of my camera...

Thanks for stopping by!

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Claire said...

I had to laugh at you saying you started those Christmas projects and then put them in a box - sounds so like me...glad to hear about the one little bunny and the boys with their t-ball team. Glad you are back in blogland :)