Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Changes

We hit a big milestone today...
...the first day of kindergarten for the twins. Over the last couple weeks they got so anxious about it, I started to wonder if we were going to make it. On the way in the school, one was about to pull my finger off, trying to get me to hurry while the other was hiding in the back of Cita's shirt, trying to slow us down... LOL! Opposites at every opportunity! Luckily, there was a Lego bin sitting in the middle of their room, so they were instantly at home:

They hardly noticed it when we left. We had been in the classroom twice before, so the boys were already familiar with the room and their teacher. They even have several friends in their class from church and preschool. I'm expecting to pick up two very excited boys this afternoon - exhausted and bubbling with excitement over their new adventure.

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Claire said...

How very exciting for you all! Welcome to the world of formal education - the boys look very comfy in their new surrounds. Hope the transition continues to be smooth for you all.