Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Greetings

Doodle #2 did end up losing his tooth - the Friday after my last entry. He came home from school with a tooth necklace around his neck and a big smile on his face.
 So far, that's the only tooth action we've seen - no other wigglies yet!

The boys are all excited for tonight. So far they've had two Halloween parties and one field trip to a pumpkin patch/hayride. Here they are from one of the party trips:
Doodle #1 is less than excited as he couldn't find his mask. We made the mistake of letting them use their costumes for dress up right after buying them. Thankfully, the Ninja Turtle will be fully geared for tonight! (That's Mario from the video game on the left and we still haven't figured out who's on the right - it was just too cool to pass up!)

Our trip to the pumpkin patch/hay ride was just Sunday. Once we finished having fun there, we went to work at home raking and bagging the last of the leaves and then set to carving our pumpkins. I have the boys help me clean the pumpkins out, then draw the face they want in marker. Here is the result:
 Pretty fun! I'm looking forward to trying them out with candles tonight.

This fall has been a funny one for colors. I don't know if it's due to our dry weather or just that I've overlooked them before, but we ran across many leaves that looked like they had been painted. Here's the first one we found - it's a couple weeks old and still looks dramatic:

Here are some more from a maple tree.

We've also already had our first snow:
This snow was part of the storm that combined to make hurricane Sandy so damaging to the Eastern Coast of the US. Makes me feel lucky that all we had was some snow that didn't stick.

Even though it's only Halloween, the boys are starting to get excited for Christmas. Part of the reason is a care package from my parents:
...with aprons for making Christmas cookies! So far, the aprons have been worn for everything but cooking. It hasn't been a good month for baking - too much running around, by the boys have had fun wearing them as just about everything else!

Though I didn't manage to complete a UFO this month, I did get to do a little more sewing. I joined a Wonky House block exchange on Swap-Bot. Here's my swap block:
I've wanted to make a wonky house quilt for a while now, and figured this would be the perfect way to get myself moving. I had planned to make two at once - one to keep and one to send, but lack of time prevented that. I don't particularly need any more in-progress projects around the house, but couldn't resist!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're all having a wondeful fall/spring!

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Claire said...

Love, love, love the pumpkins! I really like looking at what American's do for fall - we Aussies don't really tend to do much at all, we are a slack bunch! Yay to the tooth and those costumes...can't help with the third one either, but cool all the same. Enjoy trick or treating.