Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sewing Emergency!!

I've been narrowing down my choices for tooth pillows for about the last year. (You can see where this is going, right?!) A week ago, the twins excitedly reported that a school friend of theirs lost not one, but both of her top front teeth! Ack! Time to get those patterns out! So, I got in gear and had all three boys pick out a fabric for their tooth pillows. So, patterns, fabric, and accessories are all gathered nicely with plans to start on them over the weekend. Saturday evening, Doodle #2 comes up to me and says "Mommy! Look!", as he wiggles one of his bottom front teeth! Looking closely, I can see that not only is his baby tooth loose, but his new tooth is already showing at least an eighth of an inch! Looking even more closely, I see that the loose tooth along with two others have changed colors a bit. How have I missed this?! So I sneak in the hand sewing during church and an afternoon playdate and, after some alone time with my sewing machine Sunday night, we have a new member in the family:
I used cotton for the body, felt for the eyes and fangs, and fleece for the hair.

Doodle #1 keeps trying to wiggle his teeth, but no luck yet - and I've checked the color of his teeth - no urgency there either. *Whew* So I can exit emergency mode for making the other two pillows. We've decided to wait to introduce the boys to their new friends on the day that they become needed - kind of a rite of passage. Now to figure out where I'll put Doodle #3's so that I remember where it is in two years!

We had a great end to summer. The boys' school has a walk-a-thon every fall where the kids all take a hike over to a local waterfall and back to raise money for their classes. The day was georgeous - warm and sunny. I headed to the walk from work and quickly wished I'd thought to bring a pair of shorts. The kids did wonderfully! We've been in drought conditions for a little over a month (we're much luckier than much of the US), so the falls and the creek leading to it were dry. I don't remember being there before when the falls had stopped completely...
The shadows in the water are all kids of fish that have been caught in the pool left at the bottom of the falls. The rain promised for the next day turned out to just be a wind storm that took all of the warmth away and left us reaching for our winter coats. I'm definitely not going to complain, though, as one city in Northern Minnesota received over a foot of snow from that front! How painful it would be to go from shorts weather one day to snowboots the next... The rain is finally supposed to show up today, and I'm hoping for some drenching rains to help us catch up - and help those fish escape that pool!

Wishing you just the kind of weather you're wanting - whether you're in spring or fall!


Claire said...

Ah lost teeth...good luck with that. Hope the tooth fairy remembers to visit your place, she has one more than one pccassion forgotten or been so busy it was then next night before she collected teeth here...as for the weather, don't mention it - first week back and they are predicting rain which means the kids will be kept inside at recess and and lunchtimes which means the teachers end up doing supervision duty every day...not fun

Kathy said...

I love the Tooth Fairy! Here in Australia it is more of a tradition to pop the newly liberated tooth in a class of water beside the bed - though tooth pillows and little boxes are catching on. We have had similar difficulties with the relibilty of tooth pick-ups as Claire....which has led to some hysterically funny conversations about whether teeth can be out-of-date, what sort of union the tooth fairy belongs to, who is the tooth fairy's boss and so on!