Friday, January 11, 2013

Doodle Birthday

A quick check-in to celebrate the twin doodles' birthday... they're SIX today!
WOW!!! And thanks to Kindergarten, they're reading up a storm and keeping us busy spelling and reading things for them.

Doodle #3 started preschool this week. He was so excited and nervous!

But once he got there and saw the train table, all was well with the world!
We were only able to get him in two days a week - which we've already been told is NOT enough! Such a wonderful problem to have!

As you can tell by my absence in blogland, it has been an incredibly busy fall and winter. We've also been fighting a virus since October. Often, when I finally reach my beloved downtime (after the boys are in bed), I'm tired enough that I end up in bed myself. I've managed to keep making and trading artist trading cards - those I can work on with the boys around. The twins even made a couple of their own over the holiday break. If I can get organized enough, I'll share pictures. No sewing, though... only a new layer of dust on the sewing machine. Hopefully I'll be able to remedy that soon!

Here are some pictures from one of our more camera-friendly activities of late. We spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve skating at a local site. Doodle #1 thought it was wonderful and even took off on his own after a little time with a trainer.

Doodle #2 preferred to be driven on a sled.

While #3 preferred to sit inside by the fire!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Claire said...

Hey Laura, sounds like you've had your hands full! Happy birthday to the boys - you know now that they have started school, you will blink and they will be goes by so quickly! Hope you are all healthy again soon.