Monday, February 11, 2013

a brag moment...

and it doesn't even involve any of the Doodles... My brother sent me a link for a clip on my oldest nephew (aka 'Sweet Cheeks'!). If you had told me 20 years ago (when I moved here) how homesick I'd get, I'd have laughed. Watching stuff like this kills me now as it makes me feel a million miles away and reminds me of all I've missed...

We're currently planning a trip home during the twins' spring break, but have a contingent plan in place in case Dave and Lane's team make it to the state finals again - then we'll head home a week early. I'm really hoping to have to put the contingent plan in place. The contingency won't be determined until the week before, so it will be a long wait!
I also apologize for my absence. We've been dealing with the flu and other viruses along with just trying to keep up with life. Who'd have thought Kindergarten could be so busy?! I'm heading to the school today for parents day - to have lunch with the twins. I've helped out on three field trips now, so know almost, if not all of their classmates' names. They're a fun group of kids!

I do have one sewing item to share - another wonky house for a swap. Once I again, I barely squeaked the block in by the due date and didn't have a chance to make one for myself.
They're fun to make, but take more time than I currently have to sew.

The weather has decided to make up for all the snow we haven't gotten this winter just in the last two weeks. Between shoveling, taxes, and boy activities, crafts have had to take a sideline... blah...

On the good news front, we decided to try to catch up with technology and moved up to iphones. I'm hoping this helps me catch up somehow - since I can now access email etc anytime I have a down moment. First I have to figure out how to use it, though, and that takes time - kind of a catch-22. I figure if I don't figure it out quickly enough, I can just give it to the almost-4-year-old. He seems to have the ability to hack through just about anything!

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