Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working in bits and pieces...

I'm often in awe of all the quilts I see finished in blogland. I follow several prolific quilters who seem to finish entire quilts more quickly than I can finish single blocks. Here's my evidence, a quilt block I wanted to try out - that took me several weeks to make.

Yes, several weeks. It's a nice block, but certainly nothing that exceptional! But when I consider that I usually only set up my sewing gear (machine, cutting mat, iron) one evening a week - evening being that 1.5 hour slice between the boys' bedtime and my own, I remember that I'm doing okay. After all, you take the set-up/take-down time away from the 1.5 hours along with the 20 minutes of fighting the cats off of the cutting mat and ironing board and the three trips upstairs to put blankets on whining boys who've managed to roll out from under their blankets but can't wake up enough to pull them back on, and I'm doing really well getting a block done in less than a month! Whew! Best of all, my machine gets a weekly warm-up and I get to work with fabric even if only for a little bit!

We have a new sport being played at our house... TackleHug! It was initially created by the 2 year-old who, when hugging his big brother, caused them both to fall down. Big brother thought that was GREAT and TackleHug was born. Here are all three of my goobers practicing their sport:
TackleHug ranks second only to SpineyBall - a beat-your-brother-in-the-head-with-a-sensory-ball game that is their current favorite. Considering they are all of 2 and 4 years old, I can only imagine the games that will be created and played in our future... *cringe*!


Kate said...

What a great sounding game! Perfect for three little boys. Does their dad play too?

Wendyb said...

I can sooo understand where you're coming from Laura!!!!....even though I only have 1 son....and he's 16!!!!!! Finding time is one of my life's never ending issues too!...but aren't the cuddles and smooches so worth it!???
Sugary hugs
Wendy :O)
Oh, I followed you across from the forum after the blog hop...I'm new to it too!!! Don't you love it!? I really loved the name of your blog so just had to check it out!!!! XXX