Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer-induced Sewing Lull?!

Several weeks back, I finished a table runner for my mom's birthday. I was waiting to post about it until I knew she had opened it. Imagine my surprise when I realized this morning that I didn't take a picture of the completed table runner! Oops... but I did take a picture of the completed top:

I found the pattern/idea for the tablerunner over at the Modify Tradition blog. My mom LOVES navy blue, so I started looking for fabrics in my blues, found the blue with red flowers and picked matching fabrics from there. I bound the runner with the dark blue fabric after adding a quarter inch of red piping. I haven't added piping to the binding before and loved the way it turned out.

While trying to finish this runner, I realized yet another reason I don't like changing the clock for daylight savings time. Over the past two years, we've realized that putting the boys to bed before the sun goes down is worthless - even with dark shades. They're all equipped with some biological clock that won't let them conk out unless the sun is down. Their winter bedtime is 7pm - allowing for a couple hours of downtime. With the joyous switch of daylight savings, it jumps to 8pm, which slowly creeps to 9pm by mid-summer. We're currently at 8:20, which doesn't leave enough time to make setting up the sewing machine worth it.

This great realization comes just weeks after I signed up with Sew It's Finished - hoping to spur myself on to finish at least a couple UFO's. With the approach of summer, all evening and weekend activities for the twins are coming to a close, so all hopes of activity-induced downtime are also disappearing. No more Saturday afternoons at home to sew while Doodle #3 naps. Hmmm... looks like I'm going to have to get seriously creative to find sewing time!

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