Thursday, January 26, 2012

A UFO Finish!

I joined a blog, Sew It's Finished at some point last spring, hoping to motiviate myself to attack my UFO pile. Though I didn't realize at the time, I signed up right before we switched our clocks due to daylight savings time. *sigh* In a simple adjustment of the clock, my crafting time disappeared... along with my dreams of finishing UFO's (though the clock changes, the boys' biological clocks -i.e. sleep patterns - don't). Though I didn't get any UFO's done, joining the group did help motivate me to get my stash organized last summer. Everything is now organized, sorted, and labelled. I now have two rubbermaid tubs full of UFO's - all prioritized and ready to finish. Here is my first finish:
This quilt is from a one-day mystery back in about 2004. It had already been partially quilted - just needing a little more quilting and binding to be finished. My sewing nights are about an hour long and it took two sewing nights just to get my machine quilting successfully - with a lot of mumbled expletives and ripped stitches added in. I finally got everything lined up the third night and finished it! The quilting is horrible - I wasn't expecting to get it all to work, so I didn't have my workspace set up to quilt. The quilt kept falling off the table and pulling my stitching lines wonky, but I was so happy to finally be making progress, that I just kept going. It also helps that the quilt is for the boys, who could care less about the quilting. Next up is another quilt just like this one but in different colors. I started on it last night, but won't likely have it done for another week or two. It's wonderfully fun to be quilting again!

Last week, we took the kids to a local park's winter party. Our parks and recreation department is wonderful - offering all kinds of activities all year long. They had a craft room set up where kids could make bookmarks. All three boys joined in. Here's the result:

The 'dancing' penguin was created by our artist - Doodle #2. He started chuckling while he was building his penguin and then showed us the dance his penguin was doing. All I can say is the poor kid inherited my inability to dance and we're lucky no one was hurt, though the penguin seems to have gotten stuck in an uncomfortable pose!

Our comedian also showed up during play time the other day. For his birthday, Doodle #2 chose a set of fairy costumes from the Disney Store. The fairy skirt added just the right touch to his... uh... costume.

We decided he was Bob-Sam-Terrence the ThunderCat! For those of you without the built-in preschooler translater, that's Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, and Terrence the Tinker (from a Tinkerbell movie). ThunderCats are pretty new to us, so I can't explain that much beyond saying it's a cartoon about a group of super-hero-cat-people (hence the 'snarl').

One of the wing sets from the fairy costumes provided the opportunity for Doodle #3 to 'fly' around the house chanting 'I a bafly' (butterfly). I missed that performance, but did catch the post-performance nap.

The poor guy managed to take a tumble earlier in the day and busted his top lip. Poor little butterfly!

I've joined another group for UFO motivation - OPAM 2012. I'll be adding info for it on the side bar - and hopefully filling up my finishes list as the year goes by! Would you like some UFO motivation? Join me in either OPAM 2012, Sew It's Finished, or BOTH! The gals running the SIF blog have even sweetened the pot by offering a BOM to all members that post a completion each month! The OPAM gals post bi-weekly links for tutorials and fun sewing ideas. Join the fun!


Shari said...

My motto is 'finished is better than perfect...'

I love how children play - what fun!

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