Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Finishes

Last night was a productive night - or, actually, the result of many productive nights. First up is another UFO finish. This quilt is the second top I put together as part of a one-day mystery many years ago. I finished the first top - with planets - in January. All I can say about February's top is that it's very bright! I lucked out that I had enough fabric left over from trimming the backing to make the binding. I always used to pack away any extra fabric I had from making a top with the top and backing in my 'to quilt' bins. This quilt had no extra with it, so I kept my fingers crossed and lucked out.

When I laid the quilt out to trim the excess batting and binding, I (finally) noticed that I put the fish squares in sideways - normally, I would turn them so that they would be upright when looking at the quilt from its bottom edge. I put this together so long ago, I have no idea if this is on purpose or an accident - it was good I didn't notice it until it was so close to finished. Now it's another boy-ready quilt that will be put to use once it goes through the wash.

Another item I finished last night is another ornament from Wild Olive. I love nativity scenes, so this ornament caught my eye.

The cutting took a while, but the sewing went quickly. I love it and will likely make some more. Ornaments are turning out to be a great travel project that I can just grab on the way out the door and drop immediately when needed.

I have a challenge now in figuring out which UFO to tackle next. The two I completed were both layered and pinned - just waiting for quilting. The rest of the tops are at varying points of completion. I also have a stack of small items awaiting completion, but am trying to save those for the summer months when sewing time is at its minimum. It feels so good to get some of these projects finished that I'd like to keep this streak running as long as I can!

Today's focus, though, will be the sledding hill! We finally got another snowfall last night that did more than put a dust covering on the sidewalk. We even have more snow coming overnight tonight. After having a pretty non-existant winter, we're thrilled to finally have a little white stuff to play in!


Dad said...

Like your colors, looks like something I would have done!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Very cute quilt and ornament! I agree, ornaments are great carry along projects.

sisbabestitches said...

The quilt looks stunning. Good job on the stable decoration. Also thanks for your comments on making it I planned to make one so it helps to know I should set aside a bit more time

Cheryl said...

Great job on finishing up your UFO and such a sweet ornament! Thanks for joining in with Christmas Through The Year this month.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your Christmas ornament...it is adorable!

Betty Lou said...

Very nice ornament, will check that pattern out. Great to tie on a package also. Hugs