Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines mug hug

We've spent the last several weeks dealing with multiple bugs. The bugs have hit two of the three Doodles, my partner, and finally this week, me. The one bright spot in it all is that I had several evenings of alone sewing time - you know, the kind where you can do the sneaky stuff! So, I took advantage of this alone time and set to work on a Valentine idea I saw last week. Here's Doodle #1, looking a bit peaked and modeling my Valentine surprise for my sweetie.

She's quite a coffee fan, so I've wanted to make her a mug hug for some time. This pattern is the largest that I came across yet it's still a bit small for our glasses at home. I'm hoping it fits her cup at her next coffee shop visit. We shall see!

That's the extent of my finishes thus far this month. I have several things in the works - all will hopefully be shown as finishes later this month.

I want to add a quick 'whoo hoo' birthday greeting to Doodle #3 who turns 3 today! (WOW - where did my babies go?!)

Also, just a quick grab of my last two headers to make sure Grandma & Grandpa get to see them.

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